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Queens Residents Support New Shelters in Their Neighborhood: Study

April 24, 2019 By Laura Hanrahan

A plurality of Queens residents are supportive of the city building more homeless shelters, according to a new study released by the housing-support group Win and HarrisX, a market research firm.

The study found that 47 percent of Queens respondents were supportive of a shelter opening in their own neighborhood, with a smaller 40 percent opposing the idea. These findings come in the wake of heavy public pushback on new shelter proposals from both local residents and politicians alike—particularly in the Glendale area where a 200-man shelter has been proposed.

“Until now, we thought there was a huge amount of controversy around solutions to the homeless crisis,” Win President and CEO Christine Quinn said. “New Yorkers don’t agree on much, but the poll shows that New Yorkers believe we should do more to solve the problem of homelessness and they are willing to do their part, in their own neighborhoods.”

Respondents were also extremely supportive of the city funding a variety of social services for the homeless population, including career counselling, subsidized child care, tax incentives for employers who train and hire homeless, and increasing the value of rent vouchers.

“Policy makers should take note that their constituents believe that more should be done and support a host of solutions that the homeless services community has been advocating for,” Quinn said.

The study revealed, however, that most New Yorkers across the board have an inaccurate perception when it comes to the face of homelessness. Sixty-two percent of all respondents picture single adults when they think about homeless people in the city, when in actuality, 70 percent of New York City’s homeless shelter population are families with children.

The poll was commissioned by Win, the city’s largest provider of shelter and services to homeless women and families, as part of a citywide public advocacy campaign to address the growing challenge of securing housing in the middle of an affordable housing crisis. HarrisX, a market research group, then surveyed 1,002 adults across all five boroughs.

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Butter weeda and 9trey

Our socialists feel its humane to let these unfortunate individuals to sleep on subways milk crates and vestibules pending approval of temp housing . Where is the permanent solution ??The exodus of NY’s at retirement age or civil service pensioners fleeing our socialist metropolis is going to hurt NYS. There are thousands of vacant units in public housing. Tons of buildings seized by the city for delinquent taxes or seized for disrepair can be rehabbed and utilized . Yeah I believe polls . The same polling stats said Clinton was a 99% percent shoe in for the presidency . What our Socialists would do for the sake of the destruction of one of the last some what safe borough in the City of nowhere

good job being a Trump Lover stereotype

I see you regurgitated the Fox News talking points about “socialists” like a good bootlicker, but why no also blame this on the homeless and bike lanes?

Butter weeda and 9trey

Yes our Socialists are enabling the destruction of NY. Boot licker?? You sound like someone who couldn’t leave his master plantation and doesn’t own a piece of property . Didn’t know fox news was the only media outlet that your disdain shows for comrade.


This is about Selling Us a story. Of course ‘we’ don’t want more homeless shelters next door, nobody does.

N. Morehouse

I realize all this still has a long way to go…..politically, budget wise, etc etc etc….BUT – there are indeed sooo many homeless i our area now (FH/RP) that i was pleased to read a News article last month that police comm. was putting together a ‘homeless squad’ of officers – in fac t, they published my letter. BUT when I call 112th to ask ‘is there anything YOU can do for a (homeless/dressed in tatters with no underwear which one can see because pants are GONE, and who is sitting in Dunkin – (bless them for giving him coffee but….) The 112th can only offer a person a ride to an ER. If person refuses…..the end!!! Come on local elected officials let’s get on the ball~!!!!! This is all slightly criminal, no??

Jay Vass

Why would they pick residential areas filled with schools and kids activities? Why do US the tax payers who work hard to afford to live in certain areas be surrounded by convicts and drug addicts? I will be the first one to move if this passes. Pretty soon everyone will be fleeing NY if this keep up. Tell DiBlasio to build one next door to him!


What an “Oxymoron”!
We don’t wish to see homeless on our streets and don’t want to build homes for them. Is the squalor preferable on the streets?
The community may demand that the proposed homeless housing come with adequate help and support services.


Queens resident and I am opposed to more shelters. Resolve the issue with the root cause not the by-product of it.

User 1

How is it that you could write this article as fact… a majority of queens is 47 percent of Queens respondents “1,002 adults across all five boroughs” How many people was the actual count in queens… give me a break. Did you tell them it would be 200 men in the shelter with no background checks? surrounded by schools and kid activities? I love how reporters and those giving test give you a broad stock of the data. Please tell us the question that was given and the answers provided. I’m sure they didn’t say there would be excons and drug addicts but that the shelters were for families. Absolute BS.

Julia Tambini

Are you insane? What a ridiculous article. Of course we are NOT in favor of more homeless and crime! This is why we are fleeing NYC. Who put you up to this FAKE NEWS article? #BULLSHIT


Im a forest hılls resıdent for 20 yarata or more and unfortunately lately homeless at the statıon and subway especıally E traın ıs a dısaster.
mostly they are mentally sıck..
ıts fılty subway cars subway ststıons, endangerıng publıc health!!!
They have to be controlled and pıcked up to the hospıtals ıf needed.
for payıng MTA rıders cannot seat or entry a cart on E TRAIN, all seats are fılty, elevators wıth human urıne all the tıme!!! homeless ın the carts!!!
thıs ıs not fare, they wıll hurt somebody, please dont waıt untıl ıt happens!!!!
THEY need to DO somethıng for the sake of publıc health and safety. thank you


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