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Holden Suggests State to Use Creedmoor Psychiatric Center for COVID-19 Triage Use

Creedmoor Psychiatric Center (Google Maps)

March 16, 2020 By Allie Griffin

Council Member Robert Holden responded to a call from Governor Andrew Cuomo asking localities for suggestions of facilities that could be converted to temporary hospitals.

With the number of coronavirus cases in the state now at 950 and rising, Cuomo said he believes the healthcare system will not have the capacity for the outbreak. He said New York City should identify 5,000 additional beds.

Council Member Holden suggested the state use the Creedmoor Psychiatric Center property, located at 79-25 Winchester Blvd. in Queens Village, as a triage center for COVID-19 cases.

The underutilized state-owned property could add thousands of beds to the state’s current hospital capacity, Holden said.

“Considering the seriousness of COVID-19, and the number of cases increasing at alarming rates, the State ought to be prepared for the potential influx of patients,” Holden said. “The Creedmoor complex in northern Queens has ample space, empty buildings, and recently constructed homes that could serve as a triage center should the need ever occur.”

In a letter Council Member Holden penned to the Gov. Cuomo today, he said the complex has nearly 10,000 beds with potential for more.

“I call on the Governor to seriously consider this proposition as he prepares further action to curb the spread of this deadly virus,” Holden said.

Gov. Cuomo called on President Donald Trump to deploy the Army Corps of Engineers to build temporary medical facilities as he feared that the healthcare system will be overwhelmed with COVID-19 hospitalizations.

He has repeatedly called for more federal aid and assistance in fighting the spread of coronavirus in the state.

Cuomo also said cancelling nonessential elective surgeries may soon be a possibility, in order to open up more hospital beds to coronavirus patients.

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Crickety Clack Back

stop with the lies…these illegals flood our emergency rooms…nobody checks their immigration status…a simple ear infection that would cost $300 to treat in an out-patient setting costs $3k in an emergency room setting …they bankrupted these hospitals…go to Elmhurst Hospital any night of the week and actually acknowledge reality for a change…stop with your socialist lies…you sound like the Chinese government

Crickety Clack

This has nothing to do with immigrants. Don’t shift the blame away from our cleptocratic healthcare system. Immigrants stay away from hospitals cause they’re scared of deportation!

A lot of blame goes on the middleman, the private insurance companies who do not add any value to the system, they simply extract.

Lawrence christian

Great idea from Holden about creedmore ,location by a lot of exspessways and pkwks .was a medical facility before

Sanctuary City

This is what happens when you allow waves of illegals into this city…they flooded our emergency rooms for free health care and we had 19 hospitals close in the last 10 years due to bankruptcy…now we have a major shortage of hospital beds and facilities to deal with a crisis like corona…these progressives should be put in jail for defying federal law and putting peoples lives at risk…they are a disgrace

Social Distant Astorian

I think that the building in Randall’s island can be used, the pilgrim psychiatric hospital and Coler hospital in Roosevelt island. Coler is sparsely used and they even have an empty wing.


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