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Glendale Residents Take Fight Against Cooper Avenue Shelter to Court

78-16 Cooper Ave., the planned shelter site (Google Maps)

Nov. 14, 2019 By Allie Griffin

After months of heated meetings and fierce protests, residents are now waging their battle to block the opening of a 200-men homeless shelter on Cooper Avenue in court.

A group of residents and area civic associations filed a lawsuit against the City of New York and the Department of Homeless Services (DHS) in Manhattan Supreme Court Tuesday.

The plaintiffs argue that the City approved the site of 78-16 Cooper Ave. for the shelter before conducting the legally-required reviews.

The suit states that the Mayor’s process of selecting shelter sites is flawed. The plaintiffs argue that the City chooses sites based on what private developers can offer and fails to take into consideration the impacts a homeless shelter will have on the surrounding community.

The plaintiffs argue that the Cooper Avenue shelter was selected in this way. They argue that the city greenlighted a developer’s proposal to open the shelter before reviewing if the site was appropriate for the area as required by law, the residents allege.

The City, according to the lawsuit, has yet to perform an environmental review required by the New York State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQRA) and has failed to evaluate the site under the New York City Fair Share Rules, a set of policies that aim to ensure fair distribution of potentially burdensome city facilities throughout the five boroughs.

The City is performing these reviews after it’s already chosen the site, the lawsuit alleges.

“Instead, it is only after a site has been approved that the required reviews are done, delegating the reviews to an afterthought and defeating the entire purpose of the relevant statutes,” the lawsuit reads.

The residents argue that the City should have performed the required reviews before sending out a 30-day notice that a shelter will open on Cooper Avenue. The shelter is scheduled to open early 2020.

Accordingly, they said the notice should be vacated and that the development of a homeless shelter at the location should be stalled until the reviews are complete.

“This failure to undertake the required reviews prior to deciding to locate a shelter at the [78-16 Cooper Ave.] has resulted in the ill-advised decision to place a homeless shelter at this location even though it is near schools, lacks emergency services, and the area is underserved open space, healthcare facilities, public transportation and police services,” the suit states.

Without conducting the reviews ahead of time, the City failed to consider impacts the incoming of 200 shelter residents would have on Glendale.

The influx is likely to strain the area’s sewers, water supply, police force, FDNY and other public resources, the residents say. It will change the character of the neighborhood and will worsen the already excessive traffic in the area, the suit alleges.

The City said that it is in the process of completing the environmental review and is acting in accordance to the law.

“The city is taking all the required steps for this project, including conducting an environmental review,” a New York City Law Department spokesperson said. “This initiative is an important component of Turning the Tide and we’ll defend it accordingly.”

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LIC Direct

Glendale, a hidden gem in Queens about to get slammed and changed forever with a prison to shelter pipeline to be opened in the heart of your neighborhood. It will change your neighborhood forever for the worst, expect a spike in quality of life issues, break-ins, stabbings. Sunnyside, LIC, Blissville has seen an increase in crime, even stabbings. All hotels in this district are housing homeless under the cover of darkness – huge money maker for corrupt not for profits bilking the city to the tune of almost a billion dollars a year.


This is residents banding together to fight the shelter. They’ve raised the money. Also what do you have against Holden? He’s the best thing to happen to this area in years…

Mock duck

Its not a safe place the ground is contaminated. This is merely blockbusting . No humane or charitable instinct here.

of course

that is why we earn that money….to protect our families and children’s futures and to protect the quality of life of our communities…it is not our fault a Marxist revolutionary Mayor who is waging a personal vendetta against districts that didn’t vote for him hijacked our tax dollars to use against us


Stop the BS — Just follow the money, see who is getting what for every bed at the shelter and who sits at the top of the pyramid, which not-for-profit(s) will operate that shelters and it will all point back to DiBlasio’s old stomping ground when he was a councilman — Park Slope and Boro-Park. There is an ex NYC councilwomen from that district “Susan Alter” who together with her husband “Gerald Schreck” in the early 90’s saw an opportunity and now operate dozens of shelters through a web of not for profits in the five boroughs reaping hundreds of millions of dollars providing all type of services at inflated prices from, housing homeless in hotels, methodone clinics, drug addiction couseling to anger management therapy for the many ex cons/parolees who are going to flood your neighborhood. If Holden called for an investigation of these two and their institutions he’ll be out of a job in no time. You want to stop the shelter in your nabe just organize, show up in mass to protest in front of the home of the two biggest homeless shelter operators in the city, take the fight to them where they live.

Sunnyside resident

Keep fighting the shelters. The city opened several in Sunnyside over the last 2 years, WITHOUT any notice to the residents. Crime is up and the quality of life is down. Shoplifting has skyrocketed so much that CVS has locks on some of there frozen food cases.


I hope we win this otherwise we may see a massive exodus of hardworking taxpaying citizens. Then who knows who will move in afterward or what the area will become.


I want to see how the rest of your supporting this shelter for out of town bums will sing when it comes to your neck of woods.


So we using our hard earned money to fight our tax dollars.
Let me guess Holden is behind this for sure.


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